It's no secret that I have not enjoyed this season of The Bachelor. Nick lacks enthusiasm and has had his fair shot at finding love in the franchise. Based on JoJo's men, I had really wanted to see Luke or Chase as this season's front runner. I've enjoyed keeping up with a few of the men from last season via Instagram & SnapChat (real talk- add Wells on Snap and thank me later) and have wondered about the transition from "reality" tv to real reality.

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Chase McNary about life pre and post The Bachelorette. Although fans stop him often to grab a picture, McNary is still the humble, hard-worker from Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Prior to going on the show, Chase attended Colorado State University and then began a career in medical device sales. When he stumbled into a casting with some buddies, a producer urged him to stay single. When the time came for the show, Chase had nothing stopping him from going. His employer even drew up a new contract, assuring he'd have his same job when he returned from looking for love.

While Chase didn't find his future wife, he did make lifelong friends and have the opportunity to travel. Throughout the season Chase got to surf sand dunes in Uruguay, tango in Buenos Aires, play games in Argentina, and relax on the beach in Thailand. Chase's favorite place was Thailand, where JoJo eliminated him 3 days in. It may seem odd that he loves the place where he got dumped, but he had to stay an extra ten days to keep the show under wraps. During this time, Chase was able to rawly explore the area with no cell phone or outside contact (aside from the producer following him!)

Following filming, Chase went back to his medical sales job. Once the show aired, Chase began getting approached with opportunities to travel and promote companies. As these kept coming in, Chase decided to take a self-proclaimed sabbatical, to pursue these opportunities.

The most shocking thing to hear about life after The Bachelor is that there is no obligation from the show for appearances. In my head I assumed that the cast was mandated to attend events for a certain amount of time following the show, but that isn't the case. Bachelor Nation is just that tight knit that they continue to travel together and support each other's ventures, obligation free.

As for what's next, Chase isn't convinced he will be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. While no formal offer has been made yet, Chase isn't keen on the idea of spilling his emotions or looking for love in front of another camera. "Let's just leave it at to be determined," says Chase.

Chase is currently working with a new app called MeSpoke that works like a fashion centered Instagram. It allows you to purchase an article of clothing seen in a photo without you having to comment asking the poster where it's from, then frantically hunting online. I plan on using it in future Look for Less posts, as well as other style related blog posts, and hope to do a feature on it in the coming weeks.

According to Chase, life post Bachelor is what you make it. While I've read before that it can be difficult, I think it depends on your attitude and outlook, which Chase is clearly optimistic about.

And it wouldn't be any interview without a rapid fire!

night owl or early bird
snapchat or Instagram story
blondes or brunettes
CU or CSU (This is where I learned Chase is a proud Ram alum)
beach or mountains
ski or snowboard
pancakes or waffles
soup or salad
And in honor of Alexis....sharks or dolphins

A big thank you to Chase for chatting with me. Be sure to go follow him on Instagram @chase_Brody_mcnary and Snapchat @Cbmcnary

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