I was super excited to be live for The Bachelor, but yet again they let me down. This is the first time I think in Bachelor history that I've consider turning the TV off halfway through an episode out of sheer boredom.

Last night we had the conclusion of Corinne and Taylor's 2-on-1, a cocktail party free elimination ceremony, a 1-on-1 with Kristina, a group date full of meltdowns, and a rose-less 2-on-1 with Whitney and Danielle L.

After this yawn worthy episode I have a few questions -

1. Does Nick know that he's Corinne's boyfriend? If so, are the other girls aware that they're in the midst of a dramatically televised love affair?

2. Who the heck are these girls? Whitney? Kristina? Danielle L? I feel like I've never seen any of them because each week I'm watching the Corinne show.

3. Why didn't Shark Girl get more air time? She's the Wells of her season. And now that I put their names together I feel like they'd be a great pair in Paradise.

4. Did anyone else feel like this was the longest episode of Bachelor history?

5. Are the suitcase pick ups always this dramatic? I rarely remember them being shown in the past.

Due to the boringness of this season, I'm trying to expand my Bachelor blog posts beyond the actual recap style. If all goes as planned, next week I will be here with someone who is far more wanted to be gracing our televisions every Monday night.

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