December...a magical month! It's finally here! I'm excited to spend a lot of time with family and friends relaxing and enjoying the down time. One thing I really want to focus on this month is service. I feel serving others is one of my purposes on this Earth as a Christian. God has given me resources and tools I must share with others.

3 Reasons to Serve:
1.) It makes you feel good inside. I know this is a selfish reason to help others, but it is the best way to cheer yourself up. At least for me!
2.) It unites people. When you are volunteering it allows you to connect with other volunteers and those you are serving. For a few hours you can forget the negativity in the world and just focus on each other.
3.) It allows you to express gratitude. When I serve I become thankful for the little things in life that I take for granted. Serving is a way for me to thank God for all he has provided me with.

3 Ways to Serve:
1.) Donate lightly used items to a homeless shelter. Instead of doing a drop off at Goodwill, donate to a shelter for foster children and families, battered women, or homeless youth.
2.) Deliver a meal to someone. A friend who just had a baby, someone who is sick, or an elderly person would all appreciate a night off cooking.
3.) Listen. Be kind. Be a friend.


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