January focused on closing chapters and opening new ones. The best part was a spontaneous weekend trip to see my cousins in Colorado.

February was a trying month for me as I broke my arm and had to say goodbye to someone special. The best part was flying to Houston for my cousins wedding and being able to spend a lot of time with family that are all over the nation.

March brought a lot of change, but a lot of hope. It was the beginning of something special this year. The best part was spending a lot of quality time with my friends.

April was a busy month. The best part was the many trips up to San Luis Obispo.

May allowed me to reconnect with old friends and join in on new groups at a church. The best part was seeing my best friend get married.

June had a lot of special moments at work and with family. The best part was finding out that my brother and his wife were expecting their first child.

July gave me a lot of firsts, including camping and seeing a rodeo. The best part is a tie between seeing Blake Shelton in concert and seeing Tim McGraw in concert. Both third row. Unreal!!!

August was the month I moved and started a new job. The best part was living closer to my boo!

September I turned 24! This was a really difficult for month for me. I got in a car accident and was dealing with all the changes of moving to a new job and new location. The best part was football season!

October left me feeling a little lost. The best part was one of my best friends coming to visit me in my new town.

November was filled with so much family fun. The best part was going to Disneyland and participating in the James Storehouse American Girl Doll Dream Day.

December wrapped up a difficult year with hope on the horizon. It set me up for a lot of exciting things in 2017. The best part was getting to spend my Dad's 60th birthday with all of my family. And I mean ALL of it.

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