My thoughts on The Bachelorette thus far…

Chad…I am going to say only nice things about him in fear that he will read this blog, come find me and kill me.

Moving on,

Jordan…I liked him before the season started and even throughout episode one, but as the season progresses and things are said about him, I realize that he is a stereotypical quarterback slime ball.

Luke…He has moved up to my favorite. He’s a true Southern gentleman and I hope that he becomes the next Bachelor.

Alex…I like him, but I think he has gotten too hung up in the Chad drama. A mature adult would just ignore Chad’s bull and move on. I don’t imagine him lasting beyond the episode.

Chase…He’s a great guy and I think him and JoJo definitely have a connection. However, I know he is not final choice material for the show.

Daniel and Evan…How are they still on this show!?

Christian…I’m so sad that he got eliminated. I am hoping he will be making his way to Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Who are you enjoying this season? Who do you despise? 

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