For those of you who do not know, my significant other is a college football coach. His job has given me the opportunity to meet many incredible, strong women who I look up to. While we are entering season #4 of him coaching (WOW!) we have not yet had a move together. When he went to his current position I stayed behind and visit frequently. The part that thrills me most about his position is the potential for moving...a lot. I have lived in the same town for a majority of my life (minus a couple years for college in Colorado and 1 1/2 years in a town 40 minutes away.)

My friend Kimberly, a coaches wife, super mommy, and fellow blogger, has moved 9 times in 14 years! In a recent blog post over at her blog, Beauty, Babes, and Ball, Kimberly provides tips for moving quick:

Her #1 tip? Stay positive! This is the only way to achieve anything in life. For the rest of Kimberly's tips on moving a happy football family, visit her blog.

About Kimberly:

After reading her story in her post Being Married to Football 14 Years Today I have come to realize Kimberly is an absolute bad ass and a football wife and mama that I aspire to be! Her husband is a coach at South Dakota State University and together they have four adorable, little boys! Kimberly keeps her focus on her family, but also enjoys keeping up with the fashion and beauty industry.  


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