Kindness makes the world go round. Tiny acts of kindness have the ability to make major changes in someone's life. Tomorrow is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and I encourage you to step outside of yourself and do something kind for another person.

Some suggestions:
  1. Pay for the person behind you in line at the drive thru.
  2. Surprise a co-worker with their favorite drink from Starbucks.
  3. Pray for someone else.
  4. Carry someone's groceries to their car.
  5. Leave flowers on a stranger's porch.
  6. Call up your grandparents (or an elder family member) to check in.
  7. Donate necessities to a homeless shelter or food pantry.
Comment below with a story of something kind someone else did for you and be entered to win a $25 Starbucks gift card. Winner will be announced in a blog post on 2/23!


  1. I already put this on your Instagram, but to increase my chances of free coffee I will do it again. ;) I was in school last semester and working full time, and of course the longest and most important in service was during my midterms week. My coworker knew I was stressed out over it, and when walking into in service she walked up and gave me my favorite Starbucks drink { a dirty chai over ice, YUM!} and told me she knew I needed it. It really turned my day around!

  2. Recently over the holidays someone ahead of me at a drive thru paid for my meal! I decided to keep the good will going and paid for the person behind me too :) I think it is pretty cool that someone was willing to pay for a stranger.

  3. Cps has been involved in my family for as long as I remember. When I was little, my sister and I lived with our aunt & uncle, they were very abusive. We had a caseworker name Clarissa, she was totally aware of the situation but didn't do anything. Finally one day, a new social worker name Melissa took notice and helped my mom get full custody of my sister and I. She made a huge impact on my life, that's the most wonderful thing someone has ever done for me and I'm truly grateful.

  4. Not so random but we donate our gently worn jackets, shoes, etc especially our sons since they grow so quickly to donation bins here in Raleigh/Cary NC. I try to remind friends and family that instead of throwing away these items especially when in great condition to donate them to a family in need or to the donation bins. seyma_bennett AT hotmail