Sometimes you need to hit reset. Like after an epic weekend of drinking and eating until your heart's content with your family from all over the country at your cousin's wedding. This week for me is going to be about starting fresh. Here's my "Detox" plan for the week.

Before breakfast - shot of apple cider vinegar (This helps flush the system and speed up metabolism)

AM Cardio - While fasted cardio is not always the best, this is a good way to get my cells blasted this week.

Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs, gluten free toast, avocado spread...perfect blend of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

Snack #1 - Grapefruit (curbs hunger)

Lunch - Lean protein, veggies, quinoa

Snack 2 - Veggies, hummus

PM Cardio & Toning - I rarely do cardio twice in a day, but while detoxing the body this will help me to sweat out all the alcohol and toxins consumed this weekend.

Dinner - Lean protein, green veggies

After dinner - lemon detox tea

I will also be sure to consume at least 100 ounces of water each day to detoxify the system and remain hydrated since I will be doing double the doses of cardio.

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