Being back in school, working full time, leading fitness challenges, running my blog, and balancing family and friends has gotten the best of me lately! I have always been the queen of planning and calendars, but I am still struggling to figure out my routine. Here are 5 great apps to use to help organize your life:

1.) Any.Do - This free app (there is a premium version for $2.99/month) is used for making lists and managing tasks. It assists the user in making a habit of reaching their daily tasks.

2.) Timeful - This free app puts your calendars, to do lists, and fun things you'd like to do, all in one location. Timeful suggests times for the user to complete certain tasks based on their optimal time and daily habits.

3.) RescueTime - This app is free for Mac & PC. It records how much time you spend on various websites and computer programs with the RescueTime clock, then shows you how you use your time. (You'll be shocked that the six hours of homework was really four hours of FaceBook, one hour of iTunes, and one hour of homework!) They then allow you to block certain websites for an amount of time so you can focus and be productive. This helped me get many papers done in my undergrad because I was able to block social media sites and be only allowed to complete homework.

4.) Wunderlist - This free app carries all your to do lists in one location. This is helpful for me when I have a daily to do list, a work out to do list, a school to do list, a shopping list, and more! Wunderlist also allows you to share your lists with others.

5.) Key Ring - This app takes all those reward cards in your wallet and purse and puts their information in one place. Users can scan their phone in the store instead of having a key ring full of gym memberships, Sephora VIB, library cards, and more.

What apps help you stay organized?

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