Want It.
Need It.
Got To Have It.

5 items I have had my eyes on, but would never buy myself:

1.) Felt Hat....I love these, but most people don't. I also don't know when and where I would wear it, so I would never buy it myself. 

2.) New True Religions...I worked so hard for my last pair and it was a big deal to me to purchase them. However, now they're two sizes too big for me, and even with a belt they look like I'm going to a 1970's disco. However, I can not justify spending the same amount of money I spent two years ago on these jeans. (Maybe I'll eat a few more cookies...hehe)

3.) Gold iPhone 6...I wish I had never traded in my iPhone for an Android and I am counting the days until June when my 2 year contract is up and I can switch back to the iPhone.

4.) Michael Kors tote bag...It would be perfect for fitting my personal laptop, work laptop, textbooks, and more. backpack will do just fine.

5.) Alex & Ani Autism Speaks bracelet...I already have a collection of Alex & Ani's long enough to reach my elbow, but this one will just be an extra perfect addition to match my passion & career.

*Disclaimer: While I know I live an extremely blessed life full of all my needs and many of my wants, it is still fun to think about what I would do if spending were no concern. Realistically, if I had $1,000 to spare, it would not be spent on any of this stuff, but more on other people, experiences, and really really good food.


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