It has been HOT in Los Angeles lately. Last Thursday I was walking down Hollywood Blvd. and could feel my makeup melting off my face. Needless to say it was disgusting. I realized that I had not put my setting spray on...just one of my several ways I keep my foundation lasting long during the heat. It is usually the last thing I put on my face after applying all my makeup. While making your foundation last from the morning commute to work all the way through happy hour with co-workers may sound difficult, it is not hard at all.

  1. Be sure to moisturize. It keeps your skin hydrated, so that the skin is not absorbing all of your foundation to stay hydrated.
  2. Use a primer. It helps decrease sweating through the pores, allowing your makeup to stay in place, even in the heat.
  3. Use a setting powder. It prevents the oils in your face from breaking down your makeup.
  4. Use setting spray. (My favorite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.) This particular one keeps your makeup from moving for 16 hours, regardless of the sweat.
What are your best tips from keeping your foundation from sweating off during the hot days?

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