Getting a subscription box is fun. You never know what may be in the box. It's like Christmas once a month. However, just like with Christmas, the majority of the time the contents of the box are great, but every once in awhile, you get something you just don't enjoy.

Unfortunately, the contents of this month's Snack Sack were not the best. I loved last month's Snack Sack box, but this month I only enjoyed 2 of 13 items (Veggie Medley Straws from Mediterranean Snacks and Citrus Splash Gummies from Tasty Brand.) This is part of the risk of monthly subscription boxes. One month is amazing, the next month is not.

However, I still LOVE Snack Sack. My boyfriend was able to enjoy some of the things I didn't, so the box wasn't a total flop. I love subscription boxes and enjoy the surprise of opening the box. I just want people to be aware that not every box is perfect.

If you want to try out a great subscription snack service, check out Snack Sack.


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