Today my grandmother turns 90! Can you imagine 90 years of life!? You know the saying, as old as sliced bread....well my grandma is even older than sliced bread. SHE WAS ALIVE IN A TIME WHERE THERE WAS NO SLICED BREAD!!! Not to keep harping on how old she is, but I am just astonished by what a long, beautiful life she has lived. She is hilarious, feisty, cute, and one of my favorite people to spend time with. The past couple years I have become extremely close to her and am so thankful for the time I have been able to spend with her since I moved back from Colorado in 2011. 

My grandma, or Baba as I call her, was born in 1925. What a year it was! Besides her being born, it was eventful year across the world. Here are some things that happened in 1925:

Mussolini became the dictator of Italy.

Tea For Two by Marion Harris was the #1 hit.

The first film was shown on an airplane. 

The World Fair opened in Chicago.

Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf.

Lou Gehrig hit his first career grand slam.

Mount Rushmore was created.

Alpha Phi Omega fraternity was founded.

Happy birthday to the woman who will outlive us all! I love you Baba! (Even though you will never read this!)


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