The past couple days I have been in a funk. My to do list is not getting touched, my room is an absolute mess, and I can't seem to answer a text message. When I get home from work, all I want to do is lay in bed and take a nap. I blame the heat. Something happens to me when temperatures pass 100 degrees and my body and mind choose to go on vacation. However, last night I decided to just relax and have some "me" time, which is one of the most important things you can do when you are starting to feel worn down.

"Me" time has so many benefits. It reboots your brain, allows you to relax, and makes you more productive in the days following. The time I spent recharging my batteries allowed me to feel much better waking up this morning and heading to work and attacking my constantly growing to do list.

What makes a perfect "me" night? It varies person to person, but here is what I need to truly relax:

1.) Cozy jammies....I love these Elizabeth pajamas from Adore Me!

2.) Candles....The fall themed three wick candles are back at Bath & Body Works and I could not be more excited.

3.) Nail polish

4.) Face masks...my current favorite is the Beach Clay Masque from Tone It Up!

5.) a good book....if you haven't gotten your hands on Danise Jurado's new book Fulfilled, you are missing out! Check out my review of it here. It WILL change your life and helped me reach total relaxation by picking it back up last night!

What do you like to do during your "me" time?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful "me night" :)

    And I agree the 100 degree weather we've had is tough and quite draining...

    Many blessings to you my sweet friend and THANK YOU so much for your beautiful review of Fulfilled! :)