About 18 months ago I went to the doctor for a routine physical. I had been feeling sluggish, drained, and down, but assumed that was because I had just graduated college and was going through a lot of life changes. However, after getting results of my blood work back, I learned that my Vitamin D level was dangerously low. My level was at 12 ng/ml when it should be at 50 ng/ml. My physician put me on a vitamin D supplement and I never thought much of it again.

A year later I was constantly tired, my body was aching, and I just overall down. I went to the doctor again and found out my Vitamin D was still extremely low. The doctor increased my vitamin D intake and added a calcium tablet. This changed my life! Within weeks my energy was up, my attitude was better, and my body felt strong.

I am not writing this to tell you about the greatness of vitamins, but to tell you the importance of routine physicals and getting blood work done. Many can be quick to prescribe medication, when the fixes to our daily health issues can be fixed with vitamins, exercise, and time in the sunshine. Even if you are not feeling weak or lethargic, I encourage you to get a yearly routine physical to make sure your health is well, even if just for a peace of mind!

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