This season's cast of The Bachelorette might be one of the most bizarre groups yet. Between Clint and JJ's bromance and Nick V's return, every week has left me wondering if these guys have passed a psychiatric test prior to being cast. Of the 26, I think MAYBE only 3 are normal. Below are my rankings from most to least favorite so far this season.

  1. Ben H. Ben H. would be my first choice if I were in Kaitlyn's shoes. He has a stable career, a tender heart, and is easy on the eyes. Not to mention he loves to hike and he's a Denver native, a place a piece of my heart will always be.
  2. Ben Z. The 6'4" entrepreneur has a heart wrenching story of losing his mother and is searching for the one whom completes him. He played football at San Jose State University and ended up skipping through a majority of the casting interview process.
  3. Brady I was not attracted to Brady at all. He is actually the opposite of what I like in a guy. However, I think Brady is the ultimate winner this season, regardless of who Kaitlyn ends up with. He left the show for Britt and they are still dating.
  4. Jared The Josh Hartnett look alike was intriguing to me from the moment he stepped out of the limo in a Superman shirt. I thought him and Britt could have made a great match, but he makes quite a name for himself with Kaitlyn. Best part about Jared? He volunteers at the Children's Hospital in his small Rhode Island town.
  5. Justin 
  6. Nick I was not a fan of Nick during Andi's season, but I think he has proved himself wrong. He stands up for what he believes and has not done anything this season to show that the negative media he received last season is true.
  7. Cory 
  8. Joshua
  9. Shawn B. 
  10. Jonathan 
  11. Bradley
  12. Ryan B
  13. Joe 
  14. Corey
  15. Tanner
  16. Shawn E I felt bad for Shawn E when Ryan M crashed his limo arrival the first night. The hot tub car was weird, but the Bachelorettes thought it was funny. I don't imagine Shawn would have stayed around past week 2 or 3 if he had been given a fair shot on night one, but I think he was a good guy who meant well.
  17. Josh
  18. Daniel
  19. David
  20. Chris This dentist with a natural million dollar smile arrived in a cupcake car the first night instead of the limo. He has done nothing negative towards Kaitlyn or any of the guys, but something about him just bothers me and I am very good at reading people.
  21. Ian I started on this list last week and Ian was near the top...I think falling at #6 or 7. However, after his hostile confrontation with Kaitlyn last week that showed the size of his ego instead of his heart, Ian has fallen to the bottom of the list.
  22. Tony Just like Chris, there was nothing wrong with Tony. He just was not my kind of guy. His occupation of "healer" still has me scratching my head and his extreme sensitivity to things is not something I could handle. I am sensitive enough for two people. I think him and Ashley S from last season would make a great match...perhaps Bachelor in Paradise is in Tony's feature?
  23. JJ I really liked JJ at first, but as the season went on his true colors came out. His love affair with Clint is what began to move him down in my book, then after he blatantly lied about his conversations with Clint, he showed his lack of loyalty. However, to JJ's defense he was not as bad as the rest of the guys made him out to be. I think he would be perfect on Bachelor in Paradise. 
  24. Clint After falling madly in love with JJ instead of Kaitlyn, drama ensued. After discussing it with Kaitlyn, he went into the house and lied about it to the rest of the guys. He was sleazy and the #1 villain this season.
  25. Kupah Kupah was aggressive with a foul mouth that rubbed Kaitlyn the wrong way. She let him go before the rose ceremony and then he followed it up with having the most epic meltdown of Bachelorette history.
  26. Ryan M. The ex of Nikki from Juan Pablo's season did not make it to the first rose ceremony after getting piss drunk and making a fool of himself. The worst part? He was a serious contender on paper.
Who are your favorite guys this season?

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