Things I Love Thursday: Artist and the Alchemist

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you're having a great week. Mine has been hectic, but joyful. I'm looking forward to a weekend of relaxation.

I have strong admiration for young woman who have a goal, recognize their gifts from God, and get after it. I recently came across an Etsy shop called Artist and the Alchemist, run by a woman who did just that. It's a company with beautiful, timeless handmade jewelry. I recently ordered a necklace from this shop and could not believe how quickly it shipped. I've worn it everyday since, not just because it supports a family going through a loss of their wife, daughter, mother, and friend, but because it is so delicate, feminine, and beautiful.

This shop was started by a young woman, Annie Lance, whose love for doodling on her notebooks became a dream career. Her mom noticed this passion and told her that one day they would have their own shop. "You can be the artist and I will create the jewelry so I'll be the alchemist," said her mother. Years later when she decided to open her Etsy shop, she named it in honor of her mother.

Annie never intended on becoming a jeweler, but struggled to find jewelry due to a lack of nerves in her hands that prevent her from sweating. "I turn everything green immediately," said Annie, "so one day I decided I'd make my own so I could afford it. I liked it, my friends liked it, their friends liked it. Pretty soon I had an Etsy up and running."

Because of her visual mind, Annie is able to see something and recreate it. Everything she knows about jewelry making is self taught. She has never taken any classes. "It's a gift for me to be able to share a talent I have of mine to make other people feel beautiful," she said.

And that she does! The beauty of her work gives a long lasting gift of beauty to others. The necklace I purchased makes me feel beautiful, but also reminds me to cherish life, as it is created to honor the life of Annie's late friend Kassi. Kassi battled leukemia, so this necklace was made in her honor, with proceeds going towards her family.

For those of you interested in Artist and the Alchemist, visit and use discount code IDAHOME for 10% off. Also now through November 1, if you buy one "love" ring, you get one free!


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