Beauty Hacks

Happy Monday!

Here are some quick, easy beauty hacks to make getting ready easier!

1.) Use hair conditioner as shaving cream.
2.) Use baby powder as dry shampoo.
3.) Cut a potato in half and use it as a pumice stone.
4.) Cut your razor in olive oil between shaves to keep it from rusting.
5.) Use the gel from inside Advil liquid gels to instantly cure a pimple.
6.) Flat iron your braids to create long lasting waves.
7.) Lipstick can double as blush when you’re in a pinch.
8.) Mix shower gel with sugar to create an exfoliating scrub.
9.) Add a couple eye drops to mascara to get rid of clumps.
10.) Cut makeup sponges in half to get twice as much for your money.

What is your favorite beauty hack?

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