Youtube Tuesday: Carlie Stylez

Lately I've been trying to better myself. I want to be the best person I can for me, my family, my boyfriend, my career, and my future children. I want to be happy, healthy, and a role model to many. I want to inspire those the way I've been inspired by others. One of my biggest inspirations as of lately is a youtuber named Carlie Butler, who has a channel called CarlieStylez. There she shares tips on living a life full of fitness, health, family, style, love, and happiness...the type of life I hope to live. She shares tips, workouts, recipes, beauty, fashion, and also a look into her life as a single mother.

"Ordinary people who faithfully and diligently and consistently do simple things that are right will bring forth extraordinary results." -Carlie's motivation for the week!

I wanted to share Carlie's channel with you all because she's motivating and inspiring to me in so many aspects. On Saturday when I was twitter ranting about her perfect body and how when I lack motivation I look to her and she gave me the advice, "love your body first and it'll speed up the process." What a woman!

Check out her channel!

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