Tyler Farr Concert

Last night I saw Tyler Farr in concert and to be honest with you all, I was not impressed. I was looking forward to the night and had a lot of fun with my boyfriend and some friends, both new and old. The opening act, whose name I don't remember, was really great. They did all covers and got the crowd pumped up for what was to come. However, once Tyler got on stage, we were pretty disappointed. He seemed to have pregamed his concert a little too hard, and I could barely understand the words coming out of his mouth. Luckily the concert was local and pretty cheap and we all still had a great time together. I'm curious to see if his career will pick up at all or if Farr will remain a one hit wonder with Redneck Crazy, especially since he is playing at Stagecoach a week from today.

James & I at Tyler Farr


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