a moment inside my head...

Wearing. Black leggings, White cami, Hanger 221 Black Hi-Lo button up tank. The coziest socks in America.

Feeling. Restless. I really just want to lay in bed & watch TV, but I'm forcing myself to do a little bit more today.

Watching. You caught me. The Fabulous Life of Nicki Minaj....and boy is it fabulous. She pays her nail lady (whose name is Kandi Yamz) $11,000 a month just to do her nails only. This isn't including the cost of nails & travel expenses to wherever Nicki is in the moment.

Eating. Nothing. Just got back from lunch at Jersey Mike's with mom.

Needing. A hot bath, back massage, glass of champagne, and a pedicure. (Okay, Nicki is getting to me.)

Thankful for. My boyfriend. Baby Nette. A roof over my head.

Dreaming. of the day I'll get paid to write.

Wanting. a weekend getaway, preferably to the beach.

Loving. my new Sweet Spun Sugar soy candle from Target.

Clicking. Off Season for Coaches My boyfriend retweeted this from Football Scoop and I couldn't get enough. I love that he loves what he's doing. I love that I'm part of this life. The fall can be hectic for coaches and their families, but it's all 100% worth it.

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