Juan PabNO Part 2

I've already made my dislike for Juan Pablo from The Bachelor known once before on my blog. But after finally watching last night's finale and after the final rose special, I am disgusted by this man's behavior.

How a man with a 5 year old daughter at home, who is likely to be viewing her dad's TV show, can speak so sexually explicit and disrespectfully to the women he is dating is beyond me. His comments whispered to Clare privately to Clare in the helicopter were so repulsive that I do not want to give them a place on my blog. If you're curious, you can Google it. Although I was not a Clare fan this season, I was proud of her for sticking up to him. I too would NEVER want a man like that raising my children.

While I respect his decision not to propose to Nikki, I don't appreciate the fact that he told her he had the ring in his pocket. Why would you taunt a women who loves you like that? And the fact that after five months of dating he can't tell her he loves her....run for the hills Nikki.

Even Chris Harrison and The Bachelor producers are thrilled JP's season is over...as are Bachelor fans everywhere.

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