Many times on Outside the Huddle I have featured the wives of football coaches. However, recently I have stumbled upon Alexa Re' Garcia, a YouTube vlogger, blogger, and baseball/volleyball coach's wife. I have enjoyed watching Alexa throughout the past couple months on YouTube and am excited to expand Outside the Huddle's horizons with her.

Alexa is a creative soul who loves writing, blogging, and filming YouTube videos. Along with this, she also works for Erin Condren...so jealous!

Alexa started YouTube as an outlet for anything she was going through and a form of practicing what she was learning while working on her mass media degree. However, with time Alexa began to see YouTube as a platform to connect with others around the world.

One of these platforms is Project TEN27. On October 27, 2013, Alexa's mother died in a car accident where she was the drunk driver. Instead of this date having a negative connotation for Alexa, she decided to make it something positive. Although Alexa's mom fought her own demons (as we all do!) she taught Alexa how to talk about what she was going through. Alexa has created Project TEN27 to give other women a safe haven, hope, and a place to talk.

Along with Alexa's busy life, she also has to take into account the hectic life of being married to a coach. She has learned the best way to handle the chaos of both their schedules is to take advantage of the hours where her husband is at work so that they are able to have time together when he is home. 

Alexa's advice to coaches wives? "Learn to be his safe haven to come home to after a long day and not the one nagging about why he isn't home yet. If your husband is a coach, he's more than likely so passionate about the game that he's willing to live and breathe it day in and day out. You have to remember that he chose to fit you into that world as well." 

For more of Alexa (which I highly recommend!) visit her on social media:

Twitter: @xoalexare
Instagram: @xoalexare
Pinterest: @xoalexare
YouTube: www.alexare.com 

For those of you are just coming to Kick Back With Cate for the first time, along with Outside the Huddle, I do Bachelor recaps. A fun fact about Alexa is that Raven Gates, a woman on this current season of The Bachelor, caught the bouquet at Alexa and Greg's wedding! Could this be a sign of what's to come for Raven this season!?

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