This season of The Bachelor is a total snooze fest, if you leave out Corinne's whipped cream antics. This is mainly due to Nick's chances at love being beat to death with four sticks and him being extremely vanilla. Because I haven't felt like watching this show is a top priority on my never ending to do list, my posts about the show have gone on the wayside. Here are five men I would prefer to see as the bachelor lead:

  1. JJ Lane: My #1 love of Bachelor franchise history. He's a Colorado man, single father, and enjoys a nice outing for Pokémon Go. Although portrayed as a villain, I feel like he is a good man and would make for a great season.
  2. Reality Steve: Who better to star on the show than the man who spoils it all. I am sure ABC would never allow this to happen, but I know views would be high. I appreciate his Doctor Reality Steve advice he gave me last week and I look forward to attending his fan appreciation party come June.
  3. Chris Harrison: I know he has dated contestants in the past (Selma and AshLee) and he knows the ins and outs of the show. ABC could have him self narrate it for a weird effect. I always thought Harrison and Andi would be a cute couple, but I am not sure if he is even single after seeing him at SunLife Organics recently with a young, hot blonde.
  4. Wells Adams: He did not get nearly enough air time on Andi's season and his drunk snapchats during the show are epic. Rumor has it that he recently hooked up with Amanda in Nashville. She could make her third appearance on the show and they could have a Kaitlyn/Nick type storyline.
  5. Chris Soules: Brad Womack round two. Boring, but beautiful.
Who would you like to see as the bachelor?

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