My Girls

Ah. . . . the highly anticipated Thanksgiving break.
No classes, no work, and no obligations.

And while most of Thanksgiving break is absolute bliss, I can't seem to shake the fact that I have to go five days without my roommates. They're my go-to girls, my best friends, and ultimately, my sisters. They're the ONLY reason I'm dreading graduation. If it weren't for living with these three girls, I'd be ready to go.

It's only been five hours since the last girl left for break, but I'm already feeling sad having to watch The Voice alone. There's no one here to throw stuff at, no here to complain to, and no one here to laugh with until my belly hurts.

Elisa, Jade, Courtney, & Me

To the three girls I couldn't have imagined spending my last few months of college without: I thank you. . . for loving me, supporting me, laughing with me, encouraging me, and guiding me. Thanks for always making sure there is wine in the fridge, letting me have the TV when the Broncos are playing, and for washing my dishes that I will "get to later." Even though three weeks from now we won't be living together anymore, you'll still be my best friends.


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