Tis the Season!

The moment we finished Thanksgiving dinner and started doing the dishes, we put on the "Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas" and began to scheme my brother's winning Christmas light theme. I've already finished most of my shopping and am even heading to the mall later on to get some Black Friday shopping done. . . yes, Christmas is upon us.

Some of my best memories with my family, especially with my now deceased grandmother and grandfathers, are at Christmas time. We've always hosted Christmas at our house, and my brothers and I are beyond spoiled each year. 

Best gift I've ever received: one year my Grandma & Grandpa Dimmitt hand made me a dollhouse that was beyond beautiful. I played with it for as long as I can remember and still have it to give to my own daughters own day.

My brothers & Me admiring the dollhouse

However, the best gift we've all received is the reason for the season. We all get so caught up in our wish lists, baking, and spending time with family, that we forget we're celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without his birth, we wouldn't have this beautiful celebration each year. Without his grace and salvation, we wouldn't have eternal life. For him, I am the utmost grateful and I pray that each of you take time to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. . . the birth of Christ.


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