I recently stumbled upon JudyLynn Cabal, blogger at Loving Life Limitlessly, on Instagram. I reached at to her to do a blogger spotlight and love the inspiration behind her blog.

JudyLynn is not only a blogger, but also a wife and mother. She created her blog last September when she noticed the influence that technology had on people and felt that the world needed a positive light on Christians. She wanted to encourage other Christian mothers and wives.

Her two favorite posts that she has written are 10 Ways to be a Help Meet, which shares 10 ways to be a prayerful, Christ-like wife, and Moms & Dads, This is Your Most Important Reminder, which is about intentional parenting. Although I am not yet a wife or a mother, the wisdom from JudyLynn was inspiring on how to continue to pray for my future husband and future children.

She encourages new bloggers to have a purpose and a plan for the blog. "My purpose is blogging to encourage, inspire, and motivate," says JudyLynn. She avoids writer's block by staying ahead of the curve. She brainstorms potential blog posts ahead of time and keeps her phone notepad handy so that she never loses a great idea. She also says to not feel discouraged if you do not see results right away. "Some readers are just trying to see if you're the real deal; if you are in this for the long haul."

Outside of blogging JudyLynn loves to spend time with her family, read her Bible, exercise, and spend time with girlfriends.

JudyLynn loves being in touch with and encouraging fellow mom bloggers and Christian bloggers. For more of her, visit her social media and blog, Loving Life Limtitlessly.


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