While sometimes crossing books off my 2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge is for leisure, other times I learn a lot. In the most recent book I have crossed off my list (a book with career advice) I learned a lot about how to chase my dreams and stay true to my fight. I also learned that Megyn Kelly is a BOSS.

She tackles the difficulties of balancing a career and family with grace and humility. She is a force to be reckoned with. Whether she's being attacked by Donald Trump or chasing three young children around New York, she is authentic and inspirational. There is more to Kelly than meets the eye. While watching her on TV I have known nothing about her past and how she got her spot in the anchor's seat on The Kelly File. Knowing the tragedy she experienced of losing her father while she was in high school, her life as a lawyer, and chasing her passion of journalism, Kelly lives out the motto- Settle For More.

In her memoir "Settle For More" Megyn Kelly is transparent and heroic. I admire her so much more beyond the television screen now. I recommend this to anyone on both sides of the ballot, but especially young women who are just entering college and the work force.

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