I am not a big fan of summer, but one thing that keeps me going all summer long is having Big Brother on TV multiple times throughout the week! It is one of my favorite shows, and most people are either super fans or hate it. I fall into the first category.

This season there has been a lot of speculation about the return of all-stars, coaches, and siblings. While, we do not get much information until the season premieres on Wednesday night, and even then we may not know much until the season plays out throughout the summer, we can always expect the unexpected.

Based on cast bios on the 12 people we know who will be entering the house, here are my impressions:

Paul -- He reminds me of Austin from last season, so I do not imagine him going far. I think people will compare the two of them right of the bat and want to get rid of him because of how Austin played last season.

Victor -- He seems like a womanizer!

Corey -- I like him! I think he will be a good physical player and be able to coast through to the finals with social play as long as he does not get too arrogant.

Paulie -- I hope he is not going to try to hide the fact that he is related to Cody Califore from season 16 because people will see right through it. Cody was a power player so I think people will see Paulie as a threat based on their relation.

Bronte -- Ugh, she looks annoying. Her self described love for math and hair accessories is bizarre and I hope she packs her bags quickly.

Bridgette -- She has the perfect strategy for winning and is a local girl from Ventura, Ca. As long as she is the same in the house as her bio makes her seem, I will be rooting for her.

Zakiyah -- I had a hard time forming an opinion of her based on her bio, but I can tell she is a looks person. I'm not sure what to make of her, so stay tuned.

Jozea -- I think he is going to be a power player! I look forward to seeing him tackle the house and he is another one I will be rooting for as the season kicks off.

Glenn -- I like Glenn, but historically older players do not last beyond week 1 or 2.

Michelle -- I am noticing a lot of people this season resemble previous players. Michelle reminds me of Nicole from season 16. I think that she is going to stir up a lot of unnecessary drama this season with her big mouth and inability to play it cool.

Natalie -- She reminds me of Victoria from season 16. When I heard that there were two siblings on this season, I immediately thought Natalie was Victoria's sister, but she is not related at all. Natalie will be a floater.

Tiffany -- Tiffany is related to last season's winner, Vanessa. I was never a fan of Vanessa so I am curious to see how Tiffany is in comparison to her. She is one who, like Paulie, I think will get the boot quickly because of what a power player her sister was.

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the summer to see how I feel about this season of Big Brother!

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