Recently I hit a huge slump in my writing. I felt a lack of passion that even a few days off and a new location could not fix. I began to look at the purpose of my blog. Why am I writing Kick Back With Cate? Making a mission statement for this blog seemed most appropriate.

Creating a mission statement helps direct focus, increase efficiency, and make sense of the direction you are heading. I remember my senior business teacher (and life mentor) having us write personal mission statements in high school. Five years later, I still look back at it.

Whether you are creating a mission statement for yourself or your business, it is vital to your success. So where do you begin?

1.) Think about your purpose.
2.) Think about your goals.
3.) What are your core values?
4.) What makes you unique?

Be brief, but understandable. Make sure it is real and achievable.

My Mission Statement:
Kick Back With Cate creates written content that empowers young women to be confident, creative, and passionate.

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