A Proposal To Remember: Three Reasons Why Women Shouldn't Be Afraid To Take The Reins

 We’re blessed to live in a world of progression where sexual equality is concerned. Recent years especially have led to kickbacks against pay discrepancies and a lack of female faces in the boardroom. And, while there’s still a long way to go, all of this is setting some increasingly positive equality wheels in motion.

Yet, despite fighting hard for working rights, many women aren’t quite as assertive about the equality game when it comes to their home lives. This is especially the case in relationships, where a ChilliSauce survey found that just 16% of women would feel comfortable proposing to their significant others.

This is an improvement on the 5% who reported the same back in 2010. But, there’s still a significant lack of women willing to take the plunge, and there’s no need for it! For one, 76% of men actually think women should take on the role of the proposal. What’s more, couples can still enjoy traditions like diamond engagement rings this way, they just get the joy of choosing together after the event! And, of course, taking the reins means getting the wedding you’ve been dreaming of at last.

If you aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out why exactly 2021 could be the year when women should start proposing at last.

# 1 - Some guys are just shy

Proposing can be nerve-wracking. Even if you’re happily in love, there’s always that niggling fear that the other person will say no. And, of course, there’s all that pressure about how to do it, when would be the ideal time, etc. etc. All of this could stop a shy man from proposing altogether. With that in mind, women in those quieter relationships might have to take the initiative if they really want to walk down the aisle. 

# 2 - The equality thing can be confusing

It’s also worth noting that changes in equality can make proposals something of a minefield for men right now. After all, you’re a strong independent woman, and you’re proud of that fact. But, this probably leaves your man wondering if you even WANT a proposal. After all, marriage is traditionally a pretty sexist affair. Luckily, modern women are changing that narrative, and proposing yourself can be a fantastic way to start this new story. After all, this is a clear green light to your guy that you want to share your life with him, even if you aren’t willing to be his ‘property’.

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# 3 - Modern men like a strong woman

Along the same lines, remember that many modern men find strength a real turn on. What’s more, the fact that 76% feel women should propose suggests such an act would help him envision a life with you. Scary as the prospect may be, then, taking the plunge could well see you with a ring on it at last.

Women, never fear - female proposals are on the rise. If you’re fed up with waiting, then get in the fast lane and ask him already!


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