5 Hacks to Reduce Your Kitchen Waste

Are you tired of throwing away all your old fruit and vegetables? The problem with fresh produce is that it doesn’t last as long. Sometimes you run out of time before you get a chance to use it. The one good thing is that organic waste is biodegradable, but it’s a shame when you’ve spent money on quality ingredients. Here a five home hacks to help you reduce your kitchen waste, and find a new use for those old fruits and veggies.

Feed the birds

Make your own bird-feeder out of recycled materials such as a plastic bottle. Birds eat a range of different things you can find in your kitchens such as granola, apples, bananas, eggshells, and cooked pasta and rice. You can get rid of your organic waste while giving them a tasty treat. For more information and bird-related fun check out this guide to birds in your yard.

Pickle your vegetables

If you have leftover vegetables that you don’t want to waste you could try pickling them. Have a look at this example of pickled red onions. It’s easier than it sounds and you’ll have fresh vegetables for much longer. It’s great for things like onion, garlic, and fresh chillis. Not only will you save your vegetables, but you can recycle some jars as well.

Eggbox Creations

There are many ways to make use out of eggboxes if you have kids! Old eggboxes make a perfect paintbox. Fill them with different colored paints and get your kids to get creative this summer. There are plenty of fun ideas online if you need inspiration. Tate Kids has loads of fun interactive activities online. You can draw your own fairy tale, or paint in the style of your favorite artist.

Instead of tossing out your eggshells why not turn them into mini-planters? They’re perfect for kids who want to try out growing something small. Put a little soil in the bottom and add herb seeds or smaller flowers for little pots.


Compost works great as an organic fertilizer for your flowers. Find out how to create a compost pile online, it’s a great way to get rid of your organic waste in the house, such as fruit and vegetable peeling, teabags, coffee, and leftovers. You’ll have great results with fresh compost, and be using up old kitchen waste as well. 

Stews and Casseroles

Try using up vegetables by preparing big, one-pot meals for the whole family. These are ideal in many ways. They’re nutritious as you’ll be able to get a lot of portions of vegetables in one meal, so perfect if you’re trying to improve your family’s diet. They’re also packed with flavor, as you can leave them stewing in herbs and spices. Have a look at these recipe suggestions.

It’s easy to find new uses for kitchen waste if you’re creative enough! Make sure you make the most out of what you buy. It’s always satisfying to be thrifty, reduce your kitchen waste today!


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