Giving The Perfect Jewelery

Rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Accessories of any kind can be a very personal thing. They are a hint at your style and personality. Some people enjoy delicate stacks of rings, and others want to have bold, chunky jewelry. 

But when it comes to buying for the people you love, you want to get it right, the first time. Here are a couple of things that you can take into consideration. 


Not all skin tones work with every piece of jewelry. Of course, there are no rules, and you should wear what you like. But in order to get something that compliments your intended recipient, then getting something that works well with their skin tone. Warmer skin tones make gold, and bright colors look stunning, whereas silvers and platinum tones work with paler skin tones. Rose golds, black, and coppers can work with any skin tone, though. 

Just pay attention to what your intended person wears the most often. 

Ring Size

This one can be a bit tricky. If you are trying to get their ring size without them noticing, try to borrow a ring that they sometimes wear but not often. You can quickly trace the inside of the ring, and when you give it to a specialist ring concierge, they will be able to work with that. Of course, when you are doing this, make sure that you are set on the company that you will use, rather than flitting between companies. 


The high street can be amazing for accessories, but if you want to get something beautiful, then you might have to get online. The whole of the internet - so the world is at your disposal. You will be able to source inspiration from Pinterest, check out a range of designers, and look at what the trends are too. 

It is worth remembering that no matter where you get the ring made, most jewelers will be able to resize it for you if it doesn’t work out. So even if you are a few millimeters out, it is better to have the right slightly bigger than slightly smaller. 


If they never wear bracelets, then that might be an indicator that it really isn’t in keeping with their style. Some people enjoy wearing big, bold, and bright accessories. Others prefer an understated classic look. So when you are buying, remember whom you are buying for rather than buying something that you want to see them in. 

Often when buying gifts, we get carried away with when we want people to have, rather than if they actually want it or not. And although this comes from a place of caring, it might mean that you miss the mark slightly. 

If you aren’t confident that you can get it right, then enlist the help of any significant others or mutual friends so that you get a few options on the right thing. With a little time and research, you can find the right piece from the right place, and you know it will go down a treat. 


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