6 months later! I'M BAAAACCCKKK!

Where have I been?

Well when I stopped posting in mid-July, I was in the thick of all of the last minute wedding planning for my July 28th wedding. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun. It was full of love, family, friends, and so much dancing. I can't wait to do a full post about all the details of our day and how I stayed organized through the planning process.

Two days after the wedding we headed on our honeymoon. We spent a few days in Kennebunkport, Maine and then headed to Boston for a couple more days. That's another post I am looking forward to. Kennebunkport is my new favorite place to travel and I am hoping to get up there again soon. We spent time relaxing, eating all the lobster, drinking all the beer, and just enjoying our first week as a married couple.

Instead of flying back to Los Angeles after Boston, we flew into New York where we now live! Yes, we are that insane to move across the country a week after our wedding! My husband had always dreamed of living there and I told him let's go now before we have kids and never leave home.

Well SURPRISE! We're now pregnant! So good thing we moved when we did! We found out in November that we are expecting our first baby in July. It has been a wild, scary pregnancy so far. We are so grateful to be growing our family and again that's another post coming soon.

Sorry for all the vagueness in this update. It's been a jam packed six months and it's only going to keep getting crazier. I look forward to posting more frequently and sharing all the new changes in my life in more detail. I have a goal for myself to post once a week, but with teaching more than full time and the lack of energy and nausea that has plagued me since mid-November, I will just update as I can!

Hope you all had a blessed, relaxing holiday and wishing you the best in 2020!

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