Last weekend we had the BEST at home date night! 
The night only took ten minutes to put together, but brought a night of love and laughter. 
We grabbed a couple bottles of wine from our Revel Wine Club shipment, picked up some snacks from Trader Joe's, and grabbed a whiteboard, paper, and pencil from the living room. 

After setting up our snacks (crackers, Brie, and an assortment of meats) we opened up Light Horse Cabernet Sauvignon from Revel. I LOVE Cabernet, and the incredible staff at Revel knew this, so they made sure to include it in our shipment. The best part about Revel is that they allow you to choose what types of wine you prefer: red, white, or both, so you know that you are going to love whatever you get.

After enjoying some food and wine, we started playing a game, based on the old television show The Newlywed Game! Although we are not yet newlyweds, we enjoyed getting to see how much we really knew each other. A question would be asked, such as what is Cate's favorite movie snack? Each of us would write an answer and see if they matched up. This brought a lot of laughs, especially as the wine kept flowing!

To finish off the night, we shared some dessert, another glass of wine from Revel Wine Club, and watched some Parks & Rec.

Talk about my perfect night! I encourage you try this at home date night, with your favorite wines and snacks to spend some time having great conversation and growing your relationship. I love knowing that the wine can be shipped to us again next month so we can do it all over again!

FTC Disclosure: Revel Wine Club sent me product in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own. Trust me, I love the wine.