When I learned about Talisa from She's That New Girl, so much of her story resonated with me. She started her blog as a creative outlet to express her thoughts and navigate post graduate life, but continued writing as a way to give young women a voice. As an educator, and aunt to a tenacious little girl, I believe this world needs more positive female role models. Talisa is just that.

Talisa is an open book about her personal struggle with social anxiety and mental health setbacks (I feel you girl) and gives personal, effective advice to readers on how to improve their quality of life. A favorite post of hers (and mine!) is Three Effective Ways the Everyday Girl Improves Her Mental Health. Talisa will also soon be sharing her personal struggle with social anxiety. Her bravery and vulnerability is something that inspires me as I toy with the idea of sharing my personal struggles.

"I feel motivated by the fact that someone out there will benefit from what I have to say," said Talisa, "The best moments have been when I get emails from young women saying that one of my posts helped them through a bout of depression or lifted their spirits."

Q & A with That New Girl!

Advice for new bloggers?
Do it for the right reasons and be patient. Your success would depend on your relationship with your readers.

What do you enjoy outside of blogging?
Anything outdoors! I love going for walks in open green spaces and I enjoy outdoor sports too. I am a huge bookworm as well, so put me near some sunshine with a good read and I'll be a happy camper!

What are your top 3 go to beauty products?
Mascara, a red hippie, and a lightly floral scent

For more of Talisa & She's That New Girl, visit her website, her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


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