I have noticed life runs a lot smoother when I have a consistent morning routine. My morning routine during the school year is typically brush teeth, throw on clothes, grab my coffee, and run out the door. However, during the summer I enjoy a more self-care centered morning routine. I can take more time to journal, read, and set my intentions for the day.

Studies show that having a morning routine reduces stress and leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. I have noticed a reduction in my anxiety throughout the summer due to starting my mornings with the same calming routine.

1. Gratitude: Starting the day thinking about what you are grateful for changes the perspective of the day. It increase overall happiness, reduces stress, and opens up more opportunities for things to be grateful for. Thinking about the good things in your life at the start of your day opens up a higher level of vibration and energy to attract happiness and productivity throughout the day.

2. Goals & Intentions: I started 2018 writing 10 realistic goals for the year. I am making great strides in achieving them. One way that I do this is by looking back on these goals first thing in the morning. I create an action plan for the day surrounding my goals. This typically includes working on blog posts, doing homework assignments, working out, and finding ways to serve others. Keeping these goals at the fore front of my mind allows me to be intentional with my day.

3. Meditation & Affirmations: Starting the day with meditation is a positive reminder to just go slow and be present throughout the day. Often I rush through the motions of crossing off my to do list that by the end of the day I wonder what I even achieved. Meditation gives me the right mindset and prepares my body to be relaxed going into the day. While meditating I speak affirmations to myself, reminding me of my worth. Last summer my bestie wrote a blog post for me about Real Girl Mantras, including positive affirmations to tell yourself. Check them out here.

4. Morning Pages: Morning Pages are something I have been doing on and off for a little over a year. I think I have had the most growth in my life by implementing morning pages. This is an uninterrupted, hand written journal, where you write a 3 page long stream of consciousness. This writing was difficult at first because three pages can be a lot. After a month or two it was difficult to limit myself to just that! I have used this time to work through problems I was facing, to write about hopes and dreams, and just to write down random funny things that have happened. Occasionally I go back and read my morning pages, and sometimes when I feel stuck I use prompts. This is a great way to clear your head before beginning a fresh day.

5. Workout: Getting the workout done first thing in the morning reduces the ability to make an excuse for not to do it. It creates a strong feeling of accomplishment at the beginning of the day. It also increases your endorphins, making for a happier day. When you have other activities to tackle the rest of the day, having already worked out leaves you more focused and energized. My favorite way to start a day is by going for a long walk while listening to a podcast or taking a spin class at Soul Cycle.

How do you start your mornings off?


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