Friday night I had the pleasure of going to the Taylor Swift concert at the Rose Bowl! It was a magical night. I have never experienced a concert quite like the one I saw Friday...heck, I wouldn't even call it a concert. It was a full on show with video, animatronics, fireworks, and incredible music. Charli XCX and Camila Cabello opened, and Shawn Mendes made a special appearance. There were so many songs by Taylor that I wanted her to sing that she didn't, but she only had a couple hours to perform. In honor of the Reputation Tour, I have compiled a list of my top 15 favorite Taylor Swift songs....I was shooting for a top 10, but it was just too hard!

1.Teardrops On My Guitar
2. 22
3. I Knew You Were Trouble
4. Shake It Off
5. Tim McGraw
6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
7. Bad Blood
8. Our Song
9. This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
10. Stay Stay Stay
11. New Year's Day
12. Hey Stephen
13. Begin Again
14. I Did Something Bad
15. Look What You Made me Do

What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?

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