Whenever I have writer's block or am lacking motivation, I can find encouragement from other bloggers. They understand the struggle to create quality content and the frustration of not having the right words to say. They understand the pressure that comes with being a content creator, regardless of the size of your following. I love to look for them when I need a little extra push. Here are some of my favorite blog posts lately from other bloggers that are keeping me motivated!

Should You Start A Blog?
This blog post from Champagne & A Carry On talks about not letting fear win and to foster an attitude of community over competition. She encourages people to share what's on their heart and mind, keep pure intentions, and quality over quantity. I have learned so much from Victoria about blogging in the past couple months than I have learned in the past couple years of running Kick Back With Cate. I recommend everyone check out this post, whether you have a blog, want to start a blog, or just need some extra motivation.

Advice from Women Who Created Their Job & How You Can Too!
In this post, Modern Day Girlfriend checks in with other boss babes to see what keeps their mojo flowing. From photographers to editors to bloggers, this blog touches on advice for women creating their own businesses and what keeps them motivated.

How to Create Less Content With More Impact
This blog post, and the podcast that followed it, had me reeling. Listening to Jenna Kutcher speak about how to create a bigger following and better work, without feeling the need to constantly push out content, really resonated with me. I have been struggling lately with my output, simply due to the fact that I am working a job that requires 55+ hours a week of my attention and working on 2 Master's degrees. While my blog is my #1 love, these other two things have to take my attention right now. However, after listening to this podcast I have a perspective shift about my blog and a MASSIVE to do list for incredible things that are going to come from Kick Back With Cate this summer.

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