Recently I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite reality TV stars, Jenna Compono. Jenna started off on The Real World, but has since taken MTV's The Challenge by a storm. Jenna is a fierce competitor who many have underestimated over the years.

What was the Real World casting process like?
It was a little different for me, I never actually applied to be on reality TV. At the time my ex-boyfriend tried out for Real World and the theme was to bring their exes on the show as a surprise, and that’s where I came in! At first I was a little hesitant, but I am happy I said yes to going because I have gotten to experience so many other opportunities. So for that I am truly thankful

What was life like in the Real World house?
It was a little hectic in the beginning, 7 strangers living in a house, along with their ex boyfriends/girlfriends. You can only imagine the daily drama that came along with that. Also it was different for me because I was only 20 years old at the time. I wasn't allowed to party and drink like my castmates, and we all know that's ALL we want to do in the Real World house, so that was a little aggravating. But I made the best of it and made great friends.

Was it difficult going back to reality afterwards?
At first I didn't think it was going to be difficult going back to reality, but you do find yourself covering your “mic” when you are telling a secret to a friend but then realize you aren't being filmed anymore. Also you want to share the stories and opportunities you had while filming to friends and family, but it is really something you just need to experience. Other than that, it was nice to finally have our cell phones back!

How did you end up involved in the challenges?
The Challenge usually brings on Real World cast members, and I happened to fit the theme of Battle of the Exes II, having Jay (my ex) as my partner.

What is your favorite season you have done?
My favorite season I have done would have to be my first season Battle of the Exes II. I loved being the new girl and stepping outside my comfort zone. I moved into a house with 28 people with all different personalities. I really enjoyed that season, I made lifelong friends and still currently dating my boyfriend I met there.  Plus we had an amazing cast and got to experience it with Diem and Knight right before they passed.

Favorite competitor?
Oh that's a hard one. Each competitor has strengths and weaknesses. There are so many old school and new school challengers, I really can't choose my favorite!

Does it motivate you more that people underestimate what a beast you are?
It definitely motivates me that I am underestimated a lot. But let's be real,  you look at me and I do not look that athletic, so I don't blame them! But it's all down to what you bring to the table when competing. Don't get me wrong I have my good seasons and I have my bad seasons. I do try my hardest on every challenge and give it my all. So even if I lose a challenge or elimination, at the end of the day you can tell I have heart. But people back at home that root for me definitely keep me mentally in the game.

What have you been up to since the end of the Challenge?
Recently I filmed Champs Vs Stars, and unfortunately I broke my foot and have been out for over 6 months unable to walk, so I am finally getting back into my normal groove of things. I still nanny back at home which is perfect for me because I absolutely love kids, the pay is great, and it is so flexible when I have to take off weeks at a time for the Challenge.

What do you do when you are not filming a season?
When I am not filming I do work as nanny. I absolutely love it. I also practically live at the gym and hot pilates, spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend and just going on adventures and trying something new everyday.

Top 3 go to beauty products?
I do not go anywhere without my chapstick, mascara or eyebrow gel!

For more of Jenna, find her on Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat @jennacompono


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