A couple years ago I met Milton's Craft Bakers at the Gluten Free Expo in San Diego. Afterwards I teamed up with Milton's to share the greatness of all their products and I am happy to be partnering with them again! The Milton's Gluten Free Crackers rock my world. I know the phrase "gluten-free" often makes people assume it will taste nasty, but these are delicious. They are my favorite to have in the afternoon with some hummus, or to crumble up on top of a salad. These crackers come in a variety of flavors including sea salt, cheddar cheese, multi-grain, and everything. My favorite is cheddar cheese, but all of them are equally delicious! Milton's crackers are baked, making them a healthier option than chips. I am so grateful Milton's has provided healthier alternatives to those who are eating gluten free!

FTC Disclosure: Milton's sent me their crackers in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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