October is National Book Month, which is something that occurs every month in my world! As I have mentioned before, this year I am participating in the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. This challenge has a checklist of certain types of books to read, which is gotten me out of my comfort zone of reading self-help books and celebrity memoirs. A lot of the items on the checklist I have no idea what to read to fulfill the criteria, so I have found myself googling for books to read.

One of these categories is "a book that takes place on an island." I was unsure of what to read, so I googled just that, and came across We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I read several of Lockhart's books while in high school and although she is a young adult author, I had no qualm in diving into this book. It is about teens in an old-money family and their summers in Cape Cod. This suspenseful novel touches heavy issues such as death, illness, and class issues, while keeping readers in touch with young love and nostalgia. The first day I started this page I read 58 chapters, which is 3/4 of the book! I highly recommend this novel.


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