The Native Spring Cheese Grater is a top of the line grater that has rotary razor sharp stainless steel blades. It works grate (hehe!) with cheese, but goes far beyond that with the ability to grate fruits, vegetables, chocolate, nuts, and more. I personally feel it is perfect for grating fresh coconut on top of smoothies or acai bowls, which is especially perfect timing for my upcoming Tone It Up challenge.

The Native Spring Cheese Grater has removable parts which is nice when it comes to storing it and washing it. My favorite part is that it is dishwasher safe because let's be real, I dislike doing dishes and try to put whatever possible into the dishwasher.

This grater is currently half off for a short period of time. To take advantage of this deal, head over to Amazon and get to grating.

Native Spring is also behind many other helpful household products, including spiral vegetable slicers, chalkboard labels (need some of these for football season!), essential oil diffusers, and more. They also host a review club, allowing product users to earn free products by leaving honest, unbiased review.

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