Ten random things---
  1. Kat Von D Lock It Concealer is the bomb.com. The tiniest amount goes a really long way and provides ultimate coverage.
  2. This season of Big Brother is the most boring of all time, yet I still spend three hours a week watching it. 
  3. I just realized I also spend three hours a week watching Bachelor in Paradise. Why.
  4. Kettle Quinoa Crisps from Trader Joe's are my new favorite snack. They taste like kettle corn, are low in sugar, and have quinoa, chia seed, flax seed, and sunflower seed in them!
  5. Total Body Tone Up by Tone It Up is an amazing workout. Check it out on YouTube and prepare to sweat.
  6. Another great workout I am loving lately is Beach Body's newest workout, Country Heat. It is country line dancing and is so fun that you do not even notice that you are working out.
  7. I have so many bookmarks of websites listing "life changing books" saved on my laptop that I could create my own "life changing" library.
  8. I am so thrilled to hear their will be a Tone It Up Fall challenge in October! I have been banking on it as motivation.
  9. The California drought could be solved by Ashley I's tears.
  10. Trader Joe's has beautiful flowers for great prices. I got a stunning bouquet for $3.99!


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