The Bachelorette premieres tomorrow and I am so excited! I have not heard much about this season, which is rare for me.  I have researched the guys and am looking forward to seeing how much my predictions match up to reality.

Here is my rankings of the guys based on where I would put them, not on where I think JoJo will put them. (That will come once I can make my first impressions of the guys from the first episode!)

#1 – Jordan
He is a former professional quarterback and is brother with Aaron Rodgers. He is cute, seems to have a great personality, and I feel like him and JoJo would be a match made in heaven. The moment I heard he was going to be on this season of The Bachelorette I declared that he would win. I am sticking to it!

#2 - Alex
There is something about Alex I love. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but he would be one of my front runners if I was in JoJo’s shoes. He is a Marine and seems like a family-oriented guy.

#3- Chase
Me gusta. I always like a laid back Colorado guy and he seems to have a heart on fire for the Lord.

#4 – Derek
He is so cute! And a talented athlete and singer.

#5-- Nick B.
He’s so cute! I can’t find much about him online to form an opinion of him other than based on his

#6 – Wells
He reminds me of Kevin Mano, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s fiancé. I think he’ll make it to the middle of the pack.

#7 – Nick S.
Another one I can’t find much about online. I guess when you research JoJo and Nick you are bombarded solely by the doofus that is Nick Viall.

#8 – Will
Super cute! I have a vendetta against Jersey though.

#9 – Coley

#10 – Robby
Robby seems like a decent guy. But a former swimmer? Former? What does he do now? Just stare into the pool?

#11 – James Taylor
Rumor has it this guy goes far. He seems like a handsome Southern gentlemen.

#12 – Peter
Peter seems like a good guy and a hard worker. I think he will be one of those guys who flies under the radar until there are six to eight guys left, then goes home due to lack of chemistry with JoJo.

This Texas vet seems like someone JoJo would love. However, he has creepy eyes!

Too many tattoos and too much jaw for my liking. Shallow I know, but on night one I feel like it really has to come down to looks since there are 25+ guys.

JoJo already had drama with another Chad during The Bachelor. For his name sake, I’d send him home. Plus the rumor mill shows he is going to be this season’s villain. And he’s not as cute of a villain as JJ.

Eh. He’s cute and seems sweet, but based on his bio, him and I have nothing in common. Not to say that him and JoJo wouldn’t have a connection.

I couldn’t find much about Jake online. This is good sign because he must have a wrap sheet. He’s not very attractive though.

#18—James F.
Another one I’m meh about.

#19 – Jonathan
He seems a bit dweeby. I could not be with someone from another country either. Long distance in the same state is hard enough.

#20 – Sal

#21 – Vinny
Italian Mama’s boy. He’s a barber by day and DJ by night in Florida. Not my kinda guy!

#22 – Ali
Ew! Ali seems like a shallow stink pot. Bye Felicia! I’d send him out on night one.

His profession is hipster. I’d prefer to just shove him back into the limo when he arrives. 

#24 – Daniel
He’s a male Kim K wannabe. EW!

#25 – James S.
He’s a Bachelor super fan. As his career? Does he get paid to watch the show? Where can I sign up for this job?

#26 – Evan
Wait…erectile dysfunction specialist is a job? I’d eliminate him on night one just so I don’t have the potential of having to tell people what the guy I am dating does for a living.

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