I blinked and April was over. It was a busy month and looking back I don't even know what I did the past month. I celebrated a good friend's upcoming nuptials with her Bachelorette party and bridal shower. I went up to San Luis Obispo a few times. I finished my first semester of grad school. I started the Tone It Up Bikini Series 8 week challenge. It was a good month! Here are some things I enjoyed.

Beauty Product -- Sunkissed and Salty Lavender Coconut Body Scrub. I am big on lavender essential oils lately to help with calming, relaxation, and easing sleep. This scrub is perfect (and natural!) to use in the bath or shower before bed time. I massage it into my skin, rinse, and then feel rejuvenated from a long day and relaxed enough to fall right into sleep.

Fashion Accessory -- My new glasses from Glasses Shop! Not sure if I can count them as an accessory since I need them to be able to function, but I am obsessed. I haven't loved a pair of glasses this much in awhile. The best part about them is that I didn't have to leave the house to get them! I was able to order a pair online through Glasses Shop, enter my prescription info from my last ophthalmologist appointment and they were delivered to my front door step that next week!


Purchase -- This mug. Friends fans will get it.

Supplement -- Zaca Recovery Chewable, which is hydration in a delicious pill form. Great recovery from a long day, an intense work out, too many adult beverages, and more. It is full of electrolytes and helps to replenish and rehydrate the body.

Scripture -- Matthew 7:7

Blog Post -- How To To Do

Food -- Blueberry Bomb Smoothie from Tone It Up...it has been my go to breakfast the past week!

Thing I Did -- finish my first semester of school! One final project ended up being 27 pages long and the other being 22. Yup. That's a thing.

Song -- One Thing by Hillsong United

What were you loving in April?


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