Every year there seems to be a debate about the flu shot. Is it worth it? Does it actually make you sick? Can employers require you to get it? I am here to show you both sides and then spew my own opinion.

The pros: If you get the flu shot, it can help prevent you from getting the flu. It is often free (or very cheap) through employers, health insurance, and/or health clinics. The flu vaccine is now available in nasal spray form, for those afraid of needles. (I threw a fit getting shots until my early teens. My mom can tell you of the time in 6th grade when I screamed at my doctor at the sight of the needle.)

The cons: There is no guarantee that the flu shot works. For example, last year's strain of the flu was not protected by the shot. It takes up to 2 weeks to kick in, so if a flu virus is brewing in your body already you're out of luck. The vaccination is cultivated inside of chicken eggs and is therefore extremely dangerous to those with an egg allergy. However, many people are unaware of this. The flu shot has a small amount of mercury in it to preserve the vaccination, which can lead to brain and nerve disorders. Lastly, the side effects of the flu vaccine sound an awful lot like the flu...soreness, swelling, low grade fever, and achy muscles....

Comparing the pros and cons of the flu shot, I think I will take my chances and pass. I have never gotten the shot and have only gotten the flu a couple times in my life.

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