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For anyone who has a sibling, you most probably had to confront that hideous moment where your parents dressed you in identical outfits. I know for one that my family photo album is wrought with sartorial failures, with my sister and I gawping at the camera in complementary ensembles of bright pinks, purples and yellows. My parents insisted we looked cute but history evidently proves otherwise. Luckily, we have developed our own senses of style to correspond with our individual tastes, which have, interestingly, diverged in different and interesting directions. We’re not exact opposites, but we have very much developed our own unique aesthetics to reflect our personalities and likes, which often can see us swapping style tips and pointers. Like my sister and I, there are numerous famous faces and their equally famous siblings who exhibit fabulous, differing tastes that we have come to celebrate and enjoy. Here are three of my favorite sibling pairings who offer sartorial inspiration in their unique and individual ways.

The Knowles sisters
BeyoncĂ© Knowles is one of the world’s most famous women, with an amazing vocal ability and legions of fans around the world. She is known for her power-style, which features a combination of heavy embellishing, bright hues, outfits that flatter her curves and are polished to perfection. Incorporating pencil skirts, blazers and knits into her casual wear, at night she turns to ensembles that help her to stand out, such as leotards, big flowing dresses and popping colors. Solange on the other hand looks to ensembles that nod to more retro-inspired styles, the seventies in particular. Letting her hair fall into a natural voluminous afro, she is the image of diva style, embracing her natural hair and beauty, wearing them with confidence and oodles of cool. Like her sister, she looks to popping colors in her ensembles, but is slightly more adventurous by looking to graphic and floral prints to light up her ensemble. 

The Delevingnes
Poppy and Cara Delvingne are poles apart when it comes to fashion. Poppy is very traditionally beautiful with her symmetrical face and her polished sense of style. She can often be seen in luxury bohemian styles, playing with long lengths, voluminous textures and relaxed waistlines. A case in point was the stunning Emilio Pucci floral wedding dress she wore in Marrakech. With long sleeves, a lace up V-neck, a wide floor-sweeping skirt and her hair flowing down in relaxed waves, her style is effortlessly refined but laidback. Cara is similarly laidback, but looks to much grungier options to achieve her signature look. A propagator of the sports-luxe trend (a trend which emerged heavily influenced by her style), Cara can often be seen in a pair of skinny leg trousers, fashion sneakers, hoodies and beanie hats (shop similar styles at Mary Jane Fashion). For more polished looks, she opts for androgynous styles like sleek suits. Glamorous and grungy, Cara’s look has spawned a thousand copies thanks to her regular Instagram updates.

The Maras

Kata Mara and Rooney Mara are both successful actresses in their own rights, carving their own unique, interesting careers that defy comparison. Their sartorial offerings tell a similar story: Kate, star of House of Cards, The Martian and The Fantastic Four, is the epitome of prim and pretty, looking to high necks and short hemlines to create her look. This winning formula helps her to successfully play with adventurous colors and prints: by keeping her forms and silhouettes similar, she can branch out with her ensembles’ content in a variety of different ways. Rooney, on the other hand, is very much all about statement style, looking to edgy high-fashion ensembles to create drama and impact on the red carpet. Famously, she opts for striking, contrast color palates, for example monochrome or navy and white, which are complemented by unpredictable and adventurous silhouettes. Coupled with her iridescent skin, her sleek hair and her penetrating gaze, Rooney is a sartorial star to be reckoned with. 

About the guest blogger: Elizabeth Harper is a writer, critic, and current fashion editor at Mary Jane Fashion, a UK-based fashion wholesaler providing wholesale clothing and celebrity-inspired fashion, available to buy in bulk at low prices.

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