Today is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. Believe it or not, this actually is a national "holiday." Be sure to celebrate today by throwing out the three week old Chinese food leftovers and finding that frozen salmon you forgot you bought four months ago at Trader Joe's. Here are 5 great hacks for keeping the fridge nice and organized.

  1. Cover the shelves with cling wrap. That way when something spills, you won't have to scrub the fridge...just replace the cling wrap.
  2. Don't put dairy in the door! So many people keep their milk in the door of the fridge, but this is the part of the fridge where temperature fluctuates the most, so dairy spoils more quickly than at another location in the fridge.
  3. Label a basket in the fridge "Eat Me First!" and keep all items that are losing their shelf life quickly in it so that food does not go to waste.
  4. Store raw meat and seafood in the bottom shelf or drawer to prevent them from leaking down onto other foods.
  5. Only use clear containers, that way you are always able to see what you have as far as leftovers, fruit and veggies, etc.
How do you keep your fridge organized?

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