The Truth About Bachelor In Paradise

Last night I went out with some friends to celebrate a 21st birthday. While there I ran into Zack Kalter and Robert Graham from The Bachelor in Paradise. After all the girls stopped swooning, Zack and the birthday girl took a shot. It was followed up by a few of us talking with Zack and by a few of us talking with Zack, I mean him going nonstop about the show. Even when a girl asked what he does in real life as a career, he brought it back to talking about the show.

The good news about Kalter’s desperation for the spot light is that I got a lot of inside information regarding the filming of the show and the cast members.

A lot of these people knew each other really well prior to heading to Mexico. Zack and Clare Crawley had already been hanging out for about 6 months prior to pairing up on the show. Things ended up not working between the two of them because as a 32 year old woman ,(I didn’t realize she was this old) she is ready to get married and have kids, while Zack is simply “not about that life.”

Kalter described Clare as a very “intense personality.” He said that she can be a sweet heart when sober, but with one drink in her, she completely changes.

AshLee Frazier, who appeared to be a psychopath on the show (MY words NOT his,) is actually a kind, genuine, fun-loving girl (HIS words NOT mine.) Because they shoot 24 hours a day, and have to put that day into a 1 hour film, there is a lot of footage that can be edited over producers believe will bring ratings. Kalter said AshLee is nothing like she was portrayed as on the show, but received a bad edit.

While it looked through this editing like Cody Sattler and Michelle Money had really hit it off and formed a solid foundation for a successful relationship prior to Sattler dropping the love bomb, he had actually only been in Mexico for 36 hours before telling Money he loved her. It’s no wonder she freaked out, even if the editing made her look like she was being dramatic and afraid.

Kalter and Graham are currently roommates in Santa Monica. They are frequently traveling for show promotion and are in frequent communication with former cast members.

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